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Ability Scores


A player may choose any of the four core methods they'd like for each of their characters. They don’t need to use the same method for every character.

Prime requisites


HP adjustment

Characters add their CON-based HP adjustment to each hit die, not level. That means that monks and rangers begin the game with twice their HP adjustment.

Effect on hit points when lost

CON gives a bonus to hit die rolls. Therefore, HP are not retroactively adjusted if the HP adjustment from CON changes. The new CON score does affect future HP rolls, however.1)

Max raises

A character’s original constitution score (after race is applied, but before aging is applied) is the maximum amount of times a character can be raised from the dead or resurrected. Beyond this number, raising is only possible through wishes. Since a character loses 1 CON every time they're raised, without some magical means to recover lost CON it's more likely that the character fails a Resurrection check before they hit their maximum raises.

Foundry macros

We have Foundry macros for Methods I-IV.

There is no clear ruling on this matter in the rulebooks. Our research indicates that tables are largely split on whether they apply CON changes to HP retroactively. We have opted for this ruling, since it is more forgiving. By the time CON loss isn't affecting HP rolls anymore (around name level), those system shock and resurrection survival rolls being reduced will be something to fear instead!
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