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Of course, we play with bards and monks.


Clerical spell availability may vary between campaign settings. In general, alignment does not restrict which spells are available. The way the spells are used is the determining factor in whether the cleric remains in good standing with their deity. Clerics should take care to use their magic to increase the power of the alignments associated with their patron deity. When in doubt, ask the DM. Deities may choose to make certain spells unavailable to clerics who have misused their magic in the past.

Also see Turning.


Bonus spells are gained as regular clerics.1)

Effects of druid shape change include those listed on the Shape Change page, as well as the following: :!: We are not settled on this, this is a WIP.

  • Acquire the creature's full stat block, including HD (but not HP) and physical saves, but excluding all matters of the mind, such as intelligence and mental saving throws.2)
  • Keep their HP value (excluding any HP healed from the shape change). They do not adapt the animal's typical HP value.3)
  • Changing back into human form does not count as a use of the ability and does not heal HP.


The per-level advancement in combat ability rule on DMG 74 is in use.4) This applies to all fighters and their subclasses.

All fighter subclasses get sweep attacks. See that page for important info.


Rangers who obtain magic-user spellcasting ability obtain and use spellbooks as magic-users do.

Rangers cannot use moneychanger to bank funds and items, though they can still use them to convert coinage and other functions. Everything a ranger owns must fit on their person and mount, and this is the intended place where rangers keep their things.5)


See Disease Immunity and Mount Quest.

Paladins do not gain bonus spells from wisdom.6)

There is no way to get around the party alignment rules for paladins. The paladin will be able to determine that a character is undesirable by observation of behavior. Reverse know alignment will be insufficient for that reason, and because of the spell's duration. “Pretending to be good” and the like will never work. If the “pretending” character does manage to “pass”, it means they are actually following the alignment they're “pretending” to be, and an alignment change is upcoming!

Protection from evil

Protection from evil applies to allies in the area. When positioning isn’t obvious, this is subject to DM fiat and when the situation is uncertain, the DM will favor the paladin's side.

If a paladin moves toward a creature being kept out by the protection in such a way that the creature is now within the area of the paladin’s protection effect, the creature is no longer kept out by the effect. The -2 penalty to attacks and +2 to saves is not lost, however. The protection is re-instated if the paladin successfully disengages from melee (i.e. 1“ or more). The paladin may lower this protection at will, though its state can only be switched once per round, during “segment zero.”

The protection from evil is also subject to being overcome by magic resistance and dispel magic. Protection from evil which is by bypassed by MR or dispelled by dispel magic is restored 1 round later, and the paladin does not need to do anything for this to happen. When it is restored, the plusses and minuses granted are restored, though if creatures which are normally kept out by the ability are already within 1” of the paladin, the paladin must disengage in order to keep them out again.


Magic-users have a 100% chance to know whatever starting spells are diced for during character creation. Note that spells containing a person's name in the spell title (e.g. Tenser's floating disc) cannot be chosen at any time – they must be found “in the world”, through adventure.7)

Magic-users must have a spellbook for each level of spells they can cast. These blank spellbooks cost nothing to create; this is considered to be part of the character’s upkeep, though lost spellbooks have a cost to replace. Duplicate spellbooks can be created at the same cost. Normal spell-scribing cost (time and gold) applies. See spellbooks for more information, including rules for auxillary and travelling spellbooks.

A familiar is always considered to be within 1“ of its master until the master's player declares otherwise.Ex


Illusionists do not require read magic.8) However, when creating illusionists, roll for starting spells on the UA tables.9)

Magic item use

You will notice that illusionist magic item restrictions are not specifically called out in Unearthed Arcana. This is because the intention was to write the tables to support upcoming classes in future publications, such as Dragon magazine. Illusionists are still restricted to items involving illusion, and as specified in their class description.10)


Bards are an exception to the regular dualclassing rules. A character intending to become a bard need not meet the standard ability score requirements for dual-classing, merely the requirements for the bard class. Furthermore, the character is able to switch from thief to bard even before surpassing their fighter level, if desired.

Only when a half-elf intends to become a bard can that race dual-class. This is a special exception.

If a dual-classed character abandons plans to become a bard, or if they become ineligible due to surpassed prerequisite level limits, the player must select “fighter”, “thief”, or “fighter/thief” as the character’s class. The latter option is available only to half-elves (as a multi-class), or to humans who meet the standard ability score requirements for non-bard dual-classing. If the fighter or thief class is lost, so too is XP accumulated for that class.

Multi-class and dual-class

Reinforced by PHB errata.
2) , 3)
This is in line with the shape change spell.
“Special Note Regarding Fighters' Progression”
PHB 25. The book does not explicitly say that they can't use moneychangers, but it's implied.
This is reinforced by PHB errata.
Based on the rules on DMG 39.
Ignore UA on this matter. It is cooler for them to have their own special “language”, as the PHB and DMG describe.
This ensures that an offensive, defensive, and utility spell are obtained. See Character Creation for more info.
UA 86, “Items are usable by characters of all classes unless restriction(s) specified”.) ===== Thief ===== See Thief Abilities. ==== Assassin ==== See Assassination. ===== Monk ===== See Disease Immunity. Armorless monks (typically all of them), gain the UA bonuses for using thief abilities without armor.((See UA 72, or UA 22 if you have a pre-errata copy.
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