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Movement speed

Base movement speed is the slowest value between (1) the movement speed indicated by armor, and (2) the movement speed indicated by total weight carried. It will be 12”, 9”, 6”, or 3” normally. Monks and barbarians will determine their possible movement speeds by applying the same proportions/fractions to their maximum speed.



Sleeping in

See Sleep.


Armor made for the same group can be worn by other characters within that same group.1) All armors except elfin chain are distributed thusly:2)

d100 Sizing
01-05 Gnome, halfling (hairfoot)
06-15 Dwarf, halfling (stout, tallfellow)
16-35 Elf, half-elf
36-00 Human, half-orc, other man-size

For elfin chain, use the groups on UA 104.


While armor for S-size characters may be lighter weight than the same armor for a M-size character, for game purposes it has the same encumbrance as regular armor.

Donning and doffing

Rules are found on WSG 65.

Armor Don Time
All 9 rounds - AC type
Plate (any kind) +2 rounds, or +5 rounds if unassisted by 1 other character

Armor can be doffed in half the don time, rounded up to full rounds.

If a blade is used on the armor straps, doff time can be reduced by 1 round, or 2 rounds on plate (minimum 1 round). This makes the armor unusable until it is repaired at 10% its cost.Ex


Helmets are included with armor. Characters are assumed to be wearing helmets unless declared otherwise. A helmet’s weight is included with the weight of the armor. If the character substitutes a great helm, some math will need to be done based on the weights of the two helmet types provided in the books.


Shields protect against a certain number of opponents per round, not hits or attack routines.

Shields of the type which block attacks from only one opponent per round are not in the three core books. The “shield, small” entries in the PHB are actually the medium-size shields described by the section on number of blockable opponents per round. Bucklers are the single-target-block shields, and only exist in UA.


The weapon list on UA 13 is in use.

Bows fired from horseback

Longbows cannot be used while the character is mounted, but shortbows and composite bows can.

Recovering ranged ammunition

See Ammunition.

Two-handed weapons

Bardiche, bec de corbin, bill-guisarme, blowgun, bo stick, bow (all), crossbow (light and heavy), fauchard, fauchard-fork, glaive, glaive-guisarme, guisarme, guisarme-voulge, halberd, hammer (lucerne), hook fauchard, man catcher, maul, partisan, some pikes (awl), ranseur, septum, staff (quarter and sling), sword (two-handed), voulge.3)

Spears, tridents, and military forks can be used one handed if their length is no more than 3’ greater than the wielder's height.


For determination of a random polearm, such as when encountering orcs, see Polearm.


UA 104 lists groups. Man-sized is split into two categories in those groups, probably because it is dealing with elfin chain which is made for smaller characters. For other types of armor, the percentages on DMG 124 should be used.
DMG 124, UA 104.
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