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Expedition Procedure

This page contains a procedure for before and after an expedition.


This may be handled prior to the session via chat if the players wish to have more session time for adventure.

  1. Upkeep: DM announces any upkeep, infection rolls, or other payments that are owed.
  2. Spell research and item manufacture: DM informs players on progress.
  3. Intended destination and goal: Declared by players.
  4. PCs and henchmen: Declared by players.
  5. Earliest possible start date: DM announces the earliest possible in-world start date of the expedition based on selected PCs, henchmen, and other conditions.
  6. Hirelings: Players declare any attempts to solicit the services of hirelings.
  7. Spell preparation: Players share their lists of prepared spells with the DM and, optionally, with other players. The DM calculates the amount of time needed to prepare these spells and informs the players what time the characters will all be ready to proceed. Since higher-level casters may require many hours or even days to prepare a full suite of spells, players of these characters may wish to begin preparing spells during downtime between sessions.
  8. Mounts, beasts, and vehicles: Declared by players.
  9. Equipped and inventoried magic items: Declared by players.
  10. Shopping: Declared by players. Characters who do not need to prepare spells may choose to handle the shopping for the whole party so it can be done while spellcasters are busy.
  11. Final start time: DM announces final expedition start date and time based on preparations up to this point.
  12. Weather conditions: Checked and announced by DM.TODO: Weather rules
  13. Marching orders: Players establish marching orders: 5’, 10’, 15’, and 20’, and overland.
  14. Tokens: DM places a token for each character at the side of the playing area, in a row. The order of tokens will be used for: (1) identification numbers for determining random targets (see Targeting), and (2) order of action declaration (see Combat Procedure).1)


  1. Players divide treasure. See Selling Treasure.
  2. The DM announces XP reward totals by combining the combat and treasure XP totals.
  3. Paladins, monks, and rangers rid themselves of wealth. All donations must go to a non-player institution.
    1. Paladins and monks donate any magic items in excess of their limits to a non-player religious institution.
    2. Paladins pay their 10% tithe, and then donate all excess not needed to support a modest life, pay henchmen, men-at-arms, and servitors, and to construct or maintain a small castle.
    3. Monks donate all wealth in excess of that needed for a modest life and to pay henchmen.
    4. Rangers donate all belongings which they cannot carry on their person and/or place upon their mount. Rangers cannot use moneychanger to store treasure, but they can use them to convert currency.
  4. Players announce new XP totals, and the DM compares them to the DM records and updates those records.
  5. Training plans are made, including taking loans. Characters who will gain a level can have a hit die rolled at this time, though if training is interrupted, the result must be temporarily negated (the die should not be re-rolled).
  6. DM announces estimated ready dates for characters who will be on bedrest or training.
If desired for some reason, any player can request a change to this order prior to the expedition.
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