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Wilderness Procedure

:!: This page is very in-progress and will be given some love soon.

  1. DM checks the weather.
  2. Party declares the day's activity. (Rest, hunting/foraging, travel direction, forced march, etc.)
  3. Spell preparation time is calculated and recorded.1)
  4. DM checks if party gets lost.2)
  5. Movement and mapping, including random encounter checks and fixed encounters (if anything in the hex has been discovered).
  6. End of day. (Supplies consumed. Starvation, fatigue, and exposure considered. Watch established. Players declare any characters sleeping in armor. Nighttime encounter checks.)
15 minutes per spell level, e.g. a 4th level spell takes 1 hour to prepare.
Impossible if the party is following an accurate map, following a landmark like a river, or on a paladin’s mount quest.
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