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Character Sheet


Critical to fast play is an excellent character sheet. We've created and honed our own. If you'd like to use it in your game, the following strategy is recommended:

  1. Copy the sheet to your own Google account.
  2. Make a copy of the sheet for each player. Store each copy in a Google Drive folder that you create for each player. Share each player's folder with the player so they can edit the sheet inside of the folder.
  3. Instruct players to keep the starting tab (“ORIGINAL”) blank. Instruct them to right click and duplicate the tab every time they need a new sheet. That way, they always have a blank to make new characters with, and all their characters are found in one single file.

Known bugs

We don't always have time to fix the bugs we notice. If you fix any of these, please share them with us at

  • Armor MV restriction: Writing in the armor MV restriction cell causes other cells to not work correctly. You should not include the double quote when writing the MV.
  • Ego: Cell M34 HP increment might be wrong. Need to investigate.
  • Minor annoyance: Reference cells for WvAC are in the reversed order. This doesn't cause a bug in the sheet, but can throw someone off if they go to add a new weapon to the reference tables.

Note about Google Drive

The current sheet is available on Google Docs. I typically prefer to keep my records in non-proprietary software, but the sheet was born in Google Docs as a collaborative effort, and it allows players to easily update it in a way that I can look at the sheet at any time. In the future, we may move to an alternate solution. That being said, I assume Google Docs is most convenient for other people in the community.


This sheet has been a collaborative effort within our group, but special credit must be given to Sax. Sax created virtually all of the formulas and hidden tables used on the sheet, undoubtedly the vast bulk of the contribution.

Alternative sheet

Erik (who journals our sessions!) created an alternative character sheet. It's based on the official one, but modified to suit his taste. This shows how you can take our sheet and make it your own if you'd like. The downside is that you'd have to manually adopt any improvements we make.

View: Erik's Sheet v1.0.0

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