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Character Token

This entire page is a rules extensionEx and is not part of the AD&D rules. It provides a method for allowing players to play UA races and classes while limiting their presence in the campaign.1) :!: We are still playtesting this system.

A character token is a form of campaign meta-currency that can be acquired by a player, rather than by a character. A token is for a specific race or class, for example a “wood elf token” or a “barbarian token”. A player can spend one of these tokens to create a character of that race or class. A race and class token can be spent together to make a character with both a UA race and a UA class.


Tokens can only be acquired in one way: completing a significant quest for the group in question. For example, completing a quest for a village of wood elves would earn each player involved a single wood elf token. A player is awarded a token for any such quest one of their characters had a part in, even if it was only for one session. A player will always earn exactly one token from a single quest, regardless of their contribution.

PHB-restricted race/class combinations

UA removes the restriction on dwarven, elven, and gnomish clerics, and on halfling druids. If the campaign milieu permits, special class tokens can be acquired for making characters of these combinations in the same way as UA class tokens: the completion of a significant quest.

Relation to character stables

A player must have an open slot in their character stable to create a character with a token, except in the case of their first character made with a token. The first time the player uses a token, they can surpass the character cap. After that, they will need to wait until 2 of their characters are lost or retired (thereby freeing a slot) in order to create another character.


Players can trade tokens with each other if they'd like. Tokens should only be traded for other tokens, never for in-world items, services, or vows.

As with any race or class, the DM may apply modifications to the UA races and classes in order to fit them into their milieu.
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