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Dragon breath's damage is based on the dragon's maximum hit points, not its current hit points.1)

It is absolutely critical to note the rule in the Dragon monster entry which states that the DM must dice a 50-50 chance to see if a dragon will breathe.

A dragon can breath on approach when flying, and then use either its claws OR bite (but not both claws and bite).2) In this case, no 50-50 chance is diced – the dragon can do both!

Being eaten

A character who was eaten by a dragon has a percentage chance to be raiseablebased on the creature's size, the dragon's age, and the time since being eaten.Ex

There is an X-in-10 chance for the character to be unraiseable due to digestion, where X is the number of days that passed following the character's consumption before the character was “rescued”.3) If the character has been digested, they are not raiseable, and their body is gone. If the character has not been digested, refer to the following table:

Dragon Age Character Size S Character Size M Character Size L
Very young 5% 0% 0%
Young 10% 5% 0%
Sub-adult 25% 10% 5%
Young adult 40% 25% 10%
Adult 55% 40% 25%
Old 70% 55% 40%
Very old 85% 70% 55%
Ancient 99% 85% 70%

A character is more likely to be raiseable if the character is smaller and/or eaten by a larger dragon since less chewing is required.

Characters who are not digested but also not raiseable due to chewing can still be raised as long as regeneration is cast first.

This was confirmed in a Dragon article I believe. TODO: Find the issue #. Anyway, DMs, do not nerf dragons. They are supposed to be scary.
DMG 51.
Adjust this as suitable for your milieu's dragons. Ours digest slowly.
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