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Days of training follow the same rules as days of bedrest – they must be full days of training (with time to eat and sleep of course). Furthermore, additional days may be required for the PC to set up training (bargaining, travel, etc.). Certain classes may need to travel farther than others for travel, depending on the campaign setting. If you are curious how long the entire process will take, you can always ask the DM before agreeing to the plan.

PCs training PCs

PCs can train other PCs, but they don't earn gold or XP in the process.Ex

  • The training PC must be at least 3 levels higher than the trainee’s current class level.
  • The entire training cost is spent; no fee is retained by the training PC. The trainer PC is an adventuring PC, not a training NPC, and so has no ability to make a profit off the venture. Of course, a PC trainer could elect to charge the trainee more than the standard cost, in which case a profit would be made.
  • Training earns no XP for either party.

Class quests

See Class Quest.Ex

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