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Magic Armor

Magic armor weight and effect on movement is determined as per the DMG 28 rule, not the PHB 36 rule. It reduces encumbrance by half (only when worn!1)), reduces bulkiness by one step, and reduces MV reduction by one step.2) Special, truly weightless armor could of course be created by the DM as a special magic item.


Even magic plate armor will magically fit any creature of the size class it was made for. See the armor size table.

UA armor

Special UA armor like elfin chain and full plate is typically only available as magic items.Ex3)

Armor can not be tested for magic by lifting it up, kicking it, etc. It will have normal weight/encumbrance in that case.
This is one of those cases where the books just have conflicting rules. The DMG was published later, and we feel like its rule plays better than completely weightless armor. It also gives a good reason for using more types of armor than plate, since even magic plate will make the wearer lose their dexterity bonus to reaction and initiative (PHB 101).
This is how we've chosen to implement these items. Players cannot purchase them normally. This has worked out very well.
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