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Morale Check

FIXME This page is in the process of being revised as we review and consolidate the rules for morale and loyalty.

There is is some unclear language in the books, wherein two different kinds of checks are referred to as “morale checks”. To clear things up, Demon Idol separates these into morale checks and loyalty checks.1)

Morale checks are of the sort made for monsters not associated with a classed character. For hirelings, henchmen, and other associates, a loyalty check is used instead.

Do NOT use the DMG 36-37 modifiers for morale checks. Those are for loyalty checks.2)

Who they apply to

Morale checks never apply to classed characters or any non-intelligent creature.3)

When to make checks

Morale checks should be made publicly by the DM at at the time listed in the combat procedure.

They can also be made as the result of a reaction check when 25 or less is rolled.4)


Each of the four possible results from a failed morale check corresponds to an option listed on the Avoiding page.

DMG 37 says that the loyalty check rules should be used in conjunction with those given under Morale in COMBAT“. We take this to mean that morale and loyalty checks might both be used in the same combat, not that they should be combined. If they were combined, there would be a huge amount of math and serious overlap, especially with the DMG 37 “Situation Modifiers” table.
The game will be drastically slowed down, too, if these modifiers are used. There are a lot of them, and a large amount of math is needed for the “Situation Modifiers” table, which breaks down to hit dice and levels, both dead and alive for each side.
DMG 67.
DMG 63.
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