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A spell available to druids and magic-users. Note that the intent of the spell is to make a playable character.1)


The precise mechanics of reincarnation in the milieu are left up to the DM.

The following system is recommended:Ex

  • Character keeps their XP total.
  • Character re-rolls all of their ability scores and secondary attributes as though they were making an entirely new character.2)
  • Player may select whatever legal class(es) they desire for the resulting form, including the class of the previous form. If the player selects the class of their previous form, their ability scores do not need to meet the regular requirements for the class. If they choose a new class though, the ability scores must meet the requirements as normal. Non-standard PC races will require DM declaration of what classes, if any, are available to the form based on the milieu.3) If no classes are available, the DM will need to declare what sort of advancement is available to the form as per DMG 44.
  • If the character reincarnates as a character with more or fewer classes than their previous form, the XP total of the previous form should be re-allocated to be even amongst the new classes.
  • The resulting form must be reasonably playable as a character.4) For example, reincarnating as a badger means the badger can talk (or maybe has telepathy!), since being unable to communicate ideas at the table would make the character effectively unplayable.
  • The original form of the character determines by which magic the character can be raised.5) See Death for more info.
  • Reincarnation requires a resurrection check and counts against the maximum times a character can be brought back from the dead.6) See Death for more info.
  • The reincarnated form will not come with any adventuring equipment or wealth to speak of. If they can prove they are the same person, they might convince a moneychanger to give them access to their stored wealth (and loans).
  • Which memories the new form has of its past is up to the player to choose and roleplay.

Monster reincarnations

See Monster Character for info on ability scores, level caps, and the like. Monster characters created via reincarnation will always either speak the common tongue or have telepathy, at the DM's option.

1) , 4)
DMG 44.
Make sure to see Monster Character for info about rolling ability scores for such cases.
Shaman and witch doctor may be possibilities; see DMG 40.
For example, an elf reincarnated as a human would still not be eligible for raise dead. In contrast, a human reincarnated as an elf would be eligible. This is because a reincarnated creature has the same soul/spirit. This works out quite nicely for characters reincarnated as animals too, for otherwise it would be their final run!
PHB 12, “Although a character’s constitution can be restored to its former score, or even raised above this number, by magical means, this in no way alters the initial score limitation, nor does such magical change in constitution restore to the character additional chances for revivification.”
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