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A mount is anything a creature is able to ride upon in order to improve travel or combat.

Flying mounts

Recovering mounts which have fled

Some mounts have a chance to flee in certain situations, such as horses in combat1), or mules detecting strange smells.2) There are no rules for recovering mounts which have fled. We use the following rules extension:Ex

Each hour, each mount which fled has a chance to be found based on the available line-of-sight. The DM may modify this table for special cases. Note that any improved line-of-sight granted by standing atop hills or mountains is typically counteracted by the increased number of places to hide in such terrain.

Line of sight Chance to recover
High (plain, scrub, desert, snowfield, low hills) 3-in-6
Moderate (light/med forest, steep hills, or during rainfall) 2-in-6
Low (heavy forest, mountains, swamp, or during a storm) 1-in-6

Rangers or magic may perform better than these chances, of course.

MM 53.
MM 72.
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